PEDIGREE  /  BBDO NY  /  UX LEAD got a facelift: more streamlined navigation, better organization of content, and fresh branding.


About the Project

While the brand recognized that many dog owners don’t actively seek out its site before, during, or after a potential purchase, a lot of organic traffic was being driven by search engine results of site articles and fun tools like the Breed Match tool and Dog Age Calculator. The old Pedigree site was dated and a redesign was necessary to better support its brand positioning and leverage as an informational, educational, and entertainment hub for all things dog-related.


Sketches of explorations for the Pedigree site design.

The Work

We jumped right into doing a deep dive of the old site and came up with a content audit and redesign strategy, which consisted of features to keep/change/remove across the site. Pedigree’s content was its biggest strength as much as it was one of its most significant weaknesses. There were hundreds of articles, videos, and some otherwise helpful material that didn’t really see the light of day because of how buried they were on the site. Once we had a good idea of the content and tools we should leverage, we also analyzed traffic to all of the articles living on the site in order to determine the ones we should keep for relaunch.

Navigation was also problematic due to dead links, outdated modules, and pages that were nestled so deeply that took users down a rabbit hole without a clear path to exit. As we distilled down the content, we also conducted a card sort exercise to organize the site architecture in a way that made sense to the user.

Because Pedigree UK had gotten a facelift recently, Pedigree US was working with a short timeframe for this redesign. After the initial discovery phase, we narrowed in our scope to the following:

  • Mobile-first and responsive across devices

  • Simple navigation for users to explore available content

  • Provide quick access to product information and where to buy

  • Highlight “edutainment” tools that are both educational and fun

Wireframes for both mobile and desktop design.


The Solution

For this redesign, we focused on useful articles, videos, and tools that users find interesting and had the most organic traffic. By pairing down the amount of content on the site, we were able to really highlight the ones that did the most heavy lifting—like the fun tools that provided a potential owner with different breed matches or translated a dog’s age to human years, or even articles like “Do dogs dream?”. The main navigation points on the site were about products, the brand, as well as three content buckets: dog care (for dog owners), getting a new dog (for prospective owners), and helping dogs. For the tools, we made sure to streamline the steps to play up the ease of use and the delightfulness of their “edutainment” purpose.

In addition we added interesting iconography and introduced a new design language that gives the website a much more energetic and evocative facelift.

The newly redesigned Pedigree mobile site.


A glimpse of the newly redesigned Pedigree desktop site.