PINK Nation App Redesign





For the first time since its launch in 2014, the PINK Nation app got a makeover in order to continuously optimize the app experience towards two goals—shopping and engagement—while remaining true to the focus of PINK Nation as a celebration hub of our best customers through exclusive access to content, offers, and events.



About the Project

After the re-platform onto the latest Content Management System (CMS), the PINK Nation app saw a significant lift in new member acquisition due to the introduction of an Android app and other enhancements like Touch ID and faster load time. The success we had with the re-platform armed us with a great foundation to then reevaluate and refresh the app through a UX and creative redesign.

We started by gathering business requirements, brand objectives, and any other key considerations such as the upcoming rebranding and native commerce projects. One significant challenge we had was time constraints, since we had to march towards a launch date that would coincide with the back-to-school campaign. In order to narrow in on the scope of the project, we evaluated the usability of the app, looked to the many App Store user reviews, and also leaned on our Customer Care Center feedback in order to prioritize work that were technically feasible and in a way that would bring the most value to our customers and the business.


The Work

Ultimately, the team aligned on the following for redesign:

  • Update navigation and content organization to be streamlined, clear, and intuitive

  • Optimize the app for easy and fun shopping opportunities

  • Inject brand magic wherever possible

  • Reevaluate current app feature set to kill, keep, or evolve

In terms of navigation, we started by synthesizing past user research/data from the research and analytics team and customer care center feedback before diving into explorations. We also did a remote card sort to get an idea of our customers’ mental model as they used our app. (Interestingly, we learned that there were existing features in the app that our users never noticed due to the problematic navigation.) As a part of this exploration, we drafted a new sitemap, patterned other apps, sketched out rough ideas, then made higher fidelity wireframes for user testing. One consideration we needed to account for was that the navigation design should lend itself well to the integration of native commerce, which is on the horizon.

A glimpse of the sitemap, sketches, and wireframes.

Besides navigation, we also looked carefully at the current app feature set to remove any old features that we don’t leverage anymore, as well as to keep and/or evolve features that we find valuable.


The Solution

In the end, we designed the navigation to be dynamic and easily updated via our new CMS. With this powerful design, the sitemap really became more of a reference. We’re able to add/remove/edit icons, labels, and the whole tab completely; in the sub nav, we’re able to add/remove/edit and child pages to a main navigation parent wherever necessary; the header nav points could be updated if we decide to add more features that warrant more visibility; the account tab primary and secondary links can be easily managed.

A few notes:

  • We launched with five main nav items with both icon and label (“Explore”, “Fun”, “Shop”, “Campus”, “My PINK”). The feature set that we reevaluated was housed under these five tabs, which allows our customers to navigate the app easily without getting overwhelmed by one long scrollable page of content (pre-redesign).

  • For “Explore”, we created a sub navigation consisting of “New + Now”, where we highlight new products and exciting content, and “Offers”, where we maintain a scannable list of offers that’s easy to understand and find.

  • We added a shopping bag to the header so that our customers could have an additional entry to shop as she engages with the rest of the app. We also incorporated a fun add-to-bag animation, which injects a bit of brand magic and celebrates small moments like this in the app.

The flexibility of the design allows us to quickly update content to stay ahead or on the curve of shopping and engagement trends. We can easily dedicate a whole tab in the nav to any campaign or holiday specific content. We can even inject brand magic through the use of limited time icons and/or labels (i.e. a reindeer icon in place of the normal account icon), which is my personal favorite.


The all new PINK Nation app after the redesign in September, 2018.


The Result

From analytics and user research conducted post-redesign, the relaunch has been perceived very positively. There’s an incremental demand lift of $22.3M per year—over four times the projected annual benefit. Compared to the former layout of a single long scrollable page, our customer are now able to find content, offers, and fun experiences easily within the app. The organization of the app also allows us to surface more content that is relevant (and more evocative) for our users—whether it’s shopping, browsing, games, sweepstakes, or any other engagement layers we have. The flexibility of the system we built is really powerful and one that has significantly reduced the bandwidth involved in making regular app updates.

We’ve come a long way with the PINK Nation app in the past year, and there’s no stopping anytime soon. We’ve already jumped right into the integration of native commerce to the app, and my hope is that we can create an even more seamless experience between engagement and shopping for our users, as well as provide them with a hub for all exclusively PINK Nation experiences.