PINK Nation App Replatform




The PINK Nation App underwent a major re-platform effort to optimize app performance and to unify all of our digital platforms onto the same content management system (CMS) in order to support future enterprise enhancements. Although the new app doesn’t appear to be visually different from its pre-replatform design, everything is different under the hood.



About the Project

Before the re-platform, the app was slow, crashed often, and required development bandwidth for simple, regular updates to the app. In order to support the growing needs of the brand and to prepare for future enterprise enhancements, the focus of this project was on app performance while mostly sticking with the existing design.

The main UX and creative priorities of the project—

  • Rebuild the existing app in order to leverage the new CMS.

  • Build an Android app to support the demand of Android users.

  • Streamline the complicated offer flow to reduce friction in the offer redemption process.

  • Make enhancements to the sign in and sign up flow.


The Work

One significant challenge we faced was not having access to the Photoshop file or any original assets used. We redid the app in Sketch in order to create detailed specifications and leverage Invision Inspect. This also paved the way for us to have a master file for the PINK Nation app that we could continue to build upon on subsequent projects. Even though we weren’t scoped to redesign the app, we were able to augment it by modularizing a significant portion, which allows our production team to make regular app updates without development effort. However, our development team wasn’t able to leverage any existing code, so both iOS and Android ended up having to rebuild the app from scratch, which was a big challenge given the short timeframe.

In addition, we also built offer modules and streamlined the offer redemption flow by surfacing online/in-store CTA’s and offer info.

For sign in and sign up, we removed the password confirmation field, added the password show/hide toggle, and integrated Touch ID/Fingerprint, which helped enhance early user touch points.


The Result

We had a tremendous lift in app download and new member acquisition. The app performed much faster, and we laid the groundwork to move forward with the upcoming redesign.