Campbell's Recipe Reality Check  /  BBDO NY  /  UX LEAD


A tool that recommends users with easier versions of the recipes they've pinned on Pinterest with ones from Campbell's Kitchen.



The idea was born for more user engagement with Campbell’s on Pinterest. We wanted to provide users with a tool that could give them easier alternatives from Campbell’s kitchen of recipes they had already pinned on their boards. Instead of pinning and forgetting about the recipes because they may have been too complicated, Campbell’s Recipe Reality Check offers recipes that could lower the barrier and give users the push to make that dish they keep saying they’d get to.

This tool would best serve beginner level cooks.




One of the major challenges was how to present the original pins and Campbell’s recommended pins side-by-side. The other was how the algorithm should work in matching one recipe to another; we needed mostly Pinterest’s rich pins so that we had additional context to set parameters for how the recommended recipes would be matched. For example, if an original recipe only took ten minutes to make, we wouldn’t need to offer an alternative. Also, if an original recipe should be beef, the recommended recipe shouldn’t be a different protein.




We created the tool to reflect Pinterest behaviors and general look & feel. We placed the original pins to the left and laid out the recommended pins to the right, and highlighted the time and number of steps it would take to make the new recipe.